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I'm inspired by the beauty of the natural world, I feel my pieces are a reflection of that.  I collect the components, sometimes taking years to find the ones that create a harmonious balance together, from that the creations are born.


Also inspirational to me are the people in my family and friend circle who have nurtured my creative spirit.  I've always been surrounded by artistic people who have shared their wisdom and passed their knowledge on to me, from cooking to sewing, crocheting, flower arranging, painting, building and growing things, all making up the patchwork of my design and music business today.  


It's wonderful knowing and seeing parts of the ones I love all intertwined within everything I do, truly something special! And I believe these things are woven into everything I do and that it can be felt by those who connect and collect my designs, peace, kindness, and love shared.


Below are pictures showing some of the talent in my family that I am inspired by. My Aunt Mamie made her wedding dress and then it was slightly altered down the line and worn by my mother (center photo), my Aunt Faye and my sister Niki. 

My mother made the dresses worn by the little girls in many different weddings (photo on right), and there's a picture of my grandmother on her 16th birthday (photo on left) in a dress she made with no pattern for herself.  There are so many people with wonderful creative talents in my family, t's a wonderful thing to be surrounded by!


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